The brief to Axminster Carpets and Linney Cooper was to produce approximately 4,000sqm of bordered carpets for the rooms, corridors, stairs and landings at the Royal Albert Hall. The requst was for a Victorian design and border with a complimentary outfil.

The majority of fitting was to be completed 10pm till 6am, after the performances. To tackle this extremely difficult task, many different departments were asked for their input and many hours of planning were required to tackle this particular fitting.

The Royal Albert Hall is an oval shape and the main corridors are in the shape of a giant horseshoe. The finished oval carpet measured 57m by 53m and was not symmetrical so the whole oval had to be designed with three tiers of different shapes.

Each tier took approximately one month from measurement to design to the plan on the loom for weaving. Each landing and half landing had to be designed as an individual rug. Woven within such a degree of accuracy, that on a 28m roll of finished carpet the design had to be woven to be within 1 inch of the design length.