Recommended Cleaning Methods

How to clean

Sweep up.vacuum loose dust and debris.

Mop the flooring using a solution of Flash liquid floor cleaner or Ajax floor cleaner and water in accordance with manufacturers' instructions.
NB. Spot cleaning of stubborn marks can be carried out with a soft to medium hand scouring pad and either of the above liquids.

Rinse the floor with clean water and allow to dry.

If the flooring has become heavily soiled, a deck scrubber available from larger retail outlets or janitorial suppliers should be used as follows:

Sweep up/vacuum dust and debris.

Mop on a solution of Flash or Ajax cleaner and water, allow sufficient time to loosen the dirt.
Agitate the solution with a deck scrubber.
Remove the resulting slurry with a mop/squeegee and bucket.
Rinse floor with clean water and allow to dry.
Sealing and cleaning of sealed Altro safety flooring

Altro safety flooring should not normally be sealed as this process will reduce the slip resistance of the flooring and therefore in areas of excessive spilliage of water such as showers, this is not recommended. However, where Altro safety flooring is not required to provide maximum slip resistance, it may be coated and maintained as described below. It is the responsibility of the home owner/tenant to decide whether this is acceptable.

Sweep up/vacuum dust and other debris.

Ensure that hte floor is clean and that all marks have been removed from the surface of the flooring and the material is dry.
Apply 2 coats of a propriety brand of water based floor sealer such as "Seal" or "Clear", available from DIY outlets or supermarkets. Apply in accordance with manufacturers instructons.
Ongoing maintenance on a sealed floor can be carried out with diluted Flash ot Ajax floor cleaner and water, always rinse the floor with clean water following the cleaning operation.
Limescale deposits

Where Altro safety flooring is used in shower/bathroom areas, it is sometimes subjected to limescale deposits in hard water areas. This can generally be removed with the use of a domestic limescale remover such as Lime Lite.

General notes concerning staining

Some things are known to cause staining on vinyl floors.

Typical examples are:

Asphalt and bitumen.
Cardboard/Hardboard (wet).
Some fire treatments and maintenance materials used on carpets.
Dyes from printed literature or packaging.
Rubber-backed carpets or rubber mats.
Rubber furniture rests and trolley wheels.
Shoe not made from non-staining material.
Heat degreadation.
For more information on cleaning and maintaining Altro safety flooring in general applications, please refer to the Routine Maintenance Recommendatons for Altro safety flooring.

(provided by Altro)