Recommended Cleaning Methods

Altro MondopaveTM, Altro MondofuturaTM, Altro Mondopave SlateTM.

Initial clean

1.Initial clean to all material to remove any dust/dirt and any factory release agent.

For Altro Mondopave, and Mondopave Slate use AltroClean 44TM or equivalent cleaner.

For Altro Mondofutura use a neutral cleaner (refer to note below).

  1. Sweep or vacuum up dust/dirt.
  2. Apply cleaner and scrub manually or by machine, using stiff brushes.
  3. Mop or vacuum up residue
  4. Rinse with clean water and dry.

If required the material can be sealed.

Use AltroGloss 211TM or equivalent.

Apply two thin coats of metallised or buffable emulsion polish.
Routine maintenance
Use AltroClean 48WTM cleaner/maintainer or equivalent. Mop wash or spray clean with soft brushes.
Removing polish build up

As and when necessary to all materials.

Use AltroClean 44 or an emulsion dressing remover.

Repeat steps in initial clean.


Failure to maintain Altro flooring in accordance with recommended procedure can affect the performance of the product. Further information is available from Altro. Please ensure you have the Health and Safety Data Sheet for any cleaner you intend to use.


Note: Altro Mondofutura is supplied with a factory finished acrylic coating which helps to retain the appearance when first installed.


Tips for successful maintenance of Altro rubber flooring


  1. Develop a regular cleaning programme suited to the usage and traffic of the area - heavily trafficked or highly visible areas need to be cleaned more often than areas which are seldom used, or where appearance is less important.

    Rubber floors should not be washed in direct, hot sunlight.

    Remeber that dirty equpment, particularly mops, does not clean - it merely re-distributes dirt. When using a mop, always use a twin compartment bucket.

  2. Use only recommended cleaning liquids or their equivalent - do not mix cleaning liquids and do not use more than the manufacturer's recommendations.
  3. Remove scuff marks regularly - remove any marks by extra spray buffing or by abrasion with meduim stiff bristle brushes - not pads.

    In car showrooms, Black or Nightsky colours should be used to hide tyre scuffing. Cleaning, whether daily or periodically, should never be carried out when the sun is shining on the floor as this can cause staining on the surface of the material.

  4. Protect newly laid floors - all newly laid Altro rubber floors surfaces should be covered and protected from all ther trades with a suitable non staining protective covering.
  5. Care with polishes and seals - where machine buffing is not available, AltroGloss 211 is recommended. Do not polish in wet locations or outside.

    High quality cleaning chemicals and equipment ensure efficient maintenance and represent only an small proportion of maintenance costs.

(provided by Altro)