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Opening of Craig-y-Don Shop

30 Sep, 2011

The company whose carpets adorn the floors of the Royal Albert Hall and Windsor Castle to name but a few, are now offering customers a whole new buying experience.

Linney Cooper now provide the opportunity for buyers to actually see what carpets look like in a real room setting and size, complete with furniture and décor.

Choosing the right carpet for your house can often be a difficult and a sometimes a daunting task when faced with roll upon roll of materials in a large unwelcoming warehouse, or small pointless samples.

Many shoppers struggle to visualise just how the fabric will complement their rooms and furniture and what effect it will have on the atmosphere of their house but Linney Cooper are breaking free from the confines of the traditional showroom and going the extra yard and ensure that customers get the right carpet for their homes.

Our new three -floor showroom situated at 1 Moston Avenue, Craig y don, outside of Llanduno, features 10 different rooms and three landing areas fitted out in different styles and patterns of carpets complemented with expertly selected furnishings to please every taste.

Historically carpet salesmen would show the client a tiny sample of the carpet and then the client expected to spend £200, £1,000 or £2,000 on the carpet. What Linney Cooper are doing is introducing three floors of 13 areas of carpet that would be shown by having a full-sized piece, where people can experience the room and draw comparisons with the size of their own room, gain the feel and the overall effect of the carpet or tiles in their home.

It is physical, it is tangible and it is tactile. You can sense the room; you can feel the carpet and get a perception of the size and how it would look with your furniture and your surroundings.

Presentation in this industry has not traditionally been very good. It is a difficult product to present, photograph and promote due to the fact it is one-dimensional and not the most interesting of products to most people. In terms of excitement obviously Mp3 players and computers are way up there and carpets are way down on peoples' lists. But what Linney Cooper are trying to do is make choosing a carpet a more stimulating and pleasurable experience. And to make sure that you are 100% sure of your choice.

Although the emphasis of the showroom is firmly on displaying carpets, if browsers are suitably impressed with the room settings and have decided they simply must have a particular table, chair, light or mirror, then they will also be able to purchase these items.

We also provide a consultancy service, advising customers on the right material in conjunction with the décor that is going to be involved in the home and the shop reflects that approach. We try to involve the customer and help them feel like they are getting more than a carpet, but also advice you could that could easily be straight out of an interior design magazine.