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Natural Flooring


A genius of aquatic or palustrial herbs, hardy and perennial, with creeping rhizomes, distributed in temperate and tropical regions.

Growing abundantly in fresh water and marshy places, it is used as ornamentation in aquatic gardens. Its first recorded use is by the Egyptians as an insulating material. Other uses include substitution for Cotton/Wool/Jute, for the manufacture of mats, wall coverings and as a filter for purifying water.

Linney Cooper use it as a robust replacement for apple grass or Medieval matting. 






Tatami Matting

A floor covering made of tightly woven grass. 








is a species of banana plant native to the Philipines and is grown as a commercial crop in the Philippines, Ecuador, and Costa Rica. Abaca fibre is valued for its exceptional strength, flexibility, buoyancy, and resistance to damage in salt water. These qualities make the fibre exceptionally suitable for marine cordage. Abaca is chiefly employed for ropes for ships,  and for fishing lines and nets.  Although the outer leaves of the plant are used in carpets, table mats, and paper.

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