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Natural Fibres


This is te most traditional and natural fibre used in carpet manufacturing. It is a very resilient natural product which maintains its appearence for many years. Wool iswarm, hard wearing, tough and resistant to combustion and can be dyed to any colour you desire.


This is a very luxurious and delicate fibre used in carpet manufacture.


This is a fibre increasing in popularity in rug making.


This is made up from the fibres of the coconut husk and is both strong and resilient. The husk fibres are spun, forming a yarn and was traditionally used as door-matting but is becoming more popular in woven flooring for the home.


The fibre crop is grown in cooler regions of the world. Flax fibres are taken from the stem of the plant and are two to three times as strong as those of cotton. It is woven as loop pile and flat weave rugs and carpets.


This is an agave plant that yields a stiff and tough fibre traditionally used in making twine, rope and natural floor covering. 


This is a replenishing resource originally from Chinese paddy fields. The fibres are harvested and spun and then woven to create many different designs. 

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