Is a genius of aquatic or palustrial herbs, hardy and perennial, with creeping rhizomes, distributed in temperate and tropical regions. Growing abundantly in fresh water and marshy places, it is used as ornamentation in aquatic gardens. Its first recorded use is by the Egyptians as an insulating material. Other uses include substitution for Cotton/Wool/Jute, for the manufacture of mats, wall coverings and as a filter for purifying water. Linney Cooper use it as a robust replacement for apple grass or Medieval matting. 

Wilton Brussels Drugget

Linney Cooper have developed a wool drugget woven unlike any standard Wilton as we have used wool in the backing not jute. This means that the carpet can rest direct to the historic floor or fabric causing less damage than a jute backed carpet. In addition we have developed a dyeing procedure that copies the unlevelled dyed carpet. We also use un levelled eye for an historic look. We see in carpet archives drugget dates back to 1800 and our wool drugget gives a used or antique loo which sits well with historic settings. 


This felt is for use under rugs and carpets and has been developed for use where infestation is a problem, as it is made from 100% man made yarn with no wool content. Therefore is no use to nourish any insects. 


Linney Cooper keep this rug underlay in a wide width in stock for curators and conservators to use under fine carpets requiring support. We can cut to size and bind in coloured tape if required. 

Decorative Felt

Linney Cooper keep stock of basic feltlux colours, but can match any colour at 4mm or 6mm thick for a minimum quantity. 

Wool Felt 

Linney Cooper stock defender mix, Wool/Jute 12ft wide double needled under felt which we can supply and deliver at any size. 

Tatami Matting

A floor covering made of tightly woven grass.